Here’s how we celebrated the 8th Anniversary at Iffort!

February 21, 2018

With 2018 just started and January gone by in a flash, we entered February, and all were excited as this 15th February would mark our 8th Anniversary. We started off in 2010 with just 3 people then and are now a big team of 27 rock stars who work together, day in, day out to bring the best of digital marketing experiences to our clients. From being a start up to a well-established digital marketing agency, we’ve seen and grown a lot over these years and the occasion sure called for a celebration.

We decided to do an Iffort wall before the anniversary and everyone got together to design, paint and finish it before the Anniversary day. We’ve captured the making of the wall and the fun and chaos that came with it! Have a look.

On the Anniversary day, the Iffort Team decided to let it loose and went out on a full day camp at Camp Dhauj. While some of us  got busy with Cricket, other ones enjoyed football and Ludo. The lunch post Cricket was lip-smacking and post lunch we had a charming photo session with the team.  With more surprises coming up, we headed for some team building activities and the obstacle course.



The obstacle course gave us those ‘Commando Feels’ where we felt like we were saving the country or something but in reality, we were just running for our lives here and there, trying not to fall off or break a leg or something! Yeah, our Directors enjoyed the scenario thoroughly!

As the evening approached and the sun started to set, some us went for Drinks while the ‘hot bloods’ decided to go for a trek! We’re proud that 75% of the team went for trekking and enjoyed an exhilarating view from the top of the hill!

IMG_4095 IMG_4121

We wrapped up this exciting day with some drinks, a lot of raw music and a super-sized cake that reminded us of the 8 years of effort we’ve put in this enormous journey! Everyone in the team had an amazing time and the trip also provided us with an incredible opportunity to share gratitude with one another.

IMG_4137 IMG_4141

As we embark on a new path with each passing year, we take each occasion as a reason to celebrate and improve ourselves even more. We are highly grateful to all of you who have continually supported us and take this chance to thank our valued clients and well-wishers. We will continue to grow and give of our best to provide you even more quality service.


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