Celebrating 5 years: The Juggernaut rolls on

February 15, 2015


It’s one of those evenings that everyone in India had been waiting for! India just won the the high pressure World Cup game against Pakistan beating them for the sixth time in Cricket World Cup. With everyone cheering and celebrating, Iffort has one more reason to feel special…

Today, we are celebrating our 5th birthday. We have come a long way from being tagged as a startup and have really matured in terms of our thinking. The last year was a significant one for us as far as work is concerned. We won several accolades for some of the projects we did with our brand partners. As digital became more mainstream, our vision also transformed from outreach to strategic insights. With adjoining layers of content, design and technology, our digital offerings are now more cohesive than ever before.

I would like to specially thank all members of the Iffort team for rolling out some remarkable work for brands in these years. You guys truly are a fantastic bunch of people working together as an integrated team. Kudos!

Finally, we would like to thank all our clients, partners & stakeholders for being our pillar of support during all these years. We look forward to expanding our relationship in the coming years.

Tomorrow promises to be an action packed day. To everyone reading this note, we would be taking calls and replying to emails only if you are joining us in our celebrations :-)


Jindal Sahib

Jindal Sahib

Die-hard party goer, apple & beer lover, Akshay Kumar fan, has been writing code from the time you were in your nappy. An aspiring body builder who slogs it out in the gym once every six months ;)

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