9 Things Restaurants Must Do on Facebook

November 26, 2013

Use of Facebook among restaurants is quite common these days! But how do you effectively leverage the platform for your restaurant? At Iffort, we have compiled a presentation with 9 tips to help you get the most of your Facebook presence.

You can download the presentation from Slideshare or view it below. Our presentation is also featured on Social Samosa http://www.socialsamosa.com/2014/01/9-practices-restaunts-must-follow-facebook/

If there’s any tip we missed, we’d be happy to hear that from you.

9 things Restaurants must do on Facebook from Iffort
Neha Sidhwani

Neha Sidhwani

She is our Iffort BOMB. She will have answer for anything and everything you say to her. A confident Digital Marketer who loves to analyse Facebook Ads and play with Power Point Presentations. A lively poser, who will surely make you feel good about yourself, Typical iffort material :)

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