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May 29, 2013

Our awesome client Max Bupa has always given us work that bring out the best in us.And this one was no exception.

We were given a task of wiping the frown off their customers’ brows. We had to create a platform for the customers where they could voice their concerns and feedback.And ,so ,we set upon that with all our arms and ammunition.

That consisted of umpteen cups of coffee, laughter, loud cheers and grey cells(lots of them too).

We created a social dashboard on Facebook. And named it Get Help.

The dashboard is like Pandora’s box,only that this box contains all the remedies for the ones inside Pandora’s.

The customers can know about the policies, share their feedback, buy a policy, search for hospitals in Max Bupa’s network, voice their concerns, and share their experiences with Max Bupa on the application.

The complaints shared by the customers on Get help would be addressed by the representatives of Max Bupa who would call the customers and resolve their issues-a step that would result in resolution of their issues at a speedy pace.

Tell-tale Ways :

We spread word  about the campaign to both the internal and external stakeholders of Get Help.

For the internal stakeholders, we designed a wall that piqued the viewer’s attention by telling them that “Max Bupa has more likable.”We also created danglers, wallpapers and leaflets that communicated the message creatively.

In-house promotion

For the customers, we devised teaser campaigns , quirky posts and trends.




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