The Trippin’ trip

May 24, 2013

Only an HR as enterprising as our lovely Neha can get a bunch of weekend worshiping folks to dive head first in a journey to Damdama lake on a Saturday.

For the uninitiated, Damdama lake happens to be the largest natural lake just few kilometers away from Gurgaon.

It is the best place to plunge yourself into a host of adventure sports like rock climbing,resistance training and boating. So , everyone’s alarms went off at 05 00 hours on May 4th, and we headed for our respective bus stops.

The trip couldn’t have been planned on a better day.

We screamed,giggled and sang  through dusty villages, snaky alleys and rustic hinterlands and reached Damdama just in time for breakfast.

The Lake

The lake looked as pristine as those paintings from our childhood.The sun glinted on the water surface, making it look like a lake full of dazzling diamonds. The trees made a canopy that seemed to take everyone in their soft embrace.

The wind there was nothing like the harsh wind we city wallahs are so used to; it was like a lullaby, soft and caressing.The moment we reached Damdama,we dashed straight towards the restaurant.

After breakfast we decided to test our fitness levels. And the first thing we ended up testing was… well, our patience.

The Boat that was too hot  to handle

Now then the first thing to do while visiting a lake has to be a boat ride. So,we marched on towards the boats in groups of two.

For every city dweller, a lake as natural as Damdama, is a feast for their DSLRs.We clicked a lot of pictures and played Go-Carting with our boats.

The  rest of activities looked like a cakewalk, and that is where they’ve you fooled.


That boat is trying hard to hit on this one

That boat is trying hard to hit on this one

The Bridge that was falling off

He was the only one whose grin was genuine

The first activity that we tried is known as Burma Bridge. You have to walk on a single rope almost 25 feet above the ground with the support of only two ropes that you can hold with your hands. Not much for your nerves? We also felt so, but that was the beginning

There were a few, a few brave ones who managed to walk all the way till the finishing tree with a smile on their lips, the others had fear written all over their faces.


But what mattered was that each one of us felt for the one who was on the Burma bridge.We shrieked with them when they took their first wobbling steps on that dangling bridge, we cheered when someone challenged their fear and took another step ,our claps resonated far and loud for everyone who finished the walk.

Naah!I am not scared!

Soaring through the sky

The zip lining experience was fun. Since we knew there was a gear protecting us, all of us were now grinning as gravity worked its magic on us.


Soon, the poundings in our hearts gave way to the grumbles in our bellies. The lunch was a great affair. I mean we loved everything about the water and the dessert.

No pun intended. We played badminton and cricket after filling up our tummies. The best part was we had let out the kids in us after a long while. Our thoughts that day were as alive as the chirping of those myriad birds that have made Damdama their haven.

It was time for us to  leave and all of us resolved to come together for a similar kind of experience. We were returning with a lot of memories, a few songs on our lips and hearts that beat with a new vigor and dreams…..


Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

After an eventful day

some really deep ones



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