Happiness at Workplace

April 22, 2013

Picture This:

It is a Sunday; an exotic and mystical species that is also considered to be the most treasured day of the week. It has a god like status amongst the working class.
So, anyway, it is a Sunday and you ,a well respectable member of the working class, are in office. You are typing away in glory on your laptop with a smile on your face.

There are others too! Everyone is having a whale of a time; working.Just then the HR makes an announcement that the office would be closed on Monday. Suddenly, the gravitational pull becomes twice of what it was as you see everyone’s jaws drop.

And then…… you wake up in a state of frenzy, frown at the alarm clock that has been ticking just to make sure you become aware of the impending calamity called “Le Monday.”In two hours you’d be pulling your right sock up your left leg, putting the untouched food in the dustbin and cursing under your breath as you honk your car loud enough to scare the walls.

Monday can never be nice to you, right?

Happiness and workplace are never meant to be. It’s like the workplace is always running away from the alluring, Menka lookalike. Most of you believe in this theory.
Probably, all you want to do is take a sabbatical every 6 months twice in a year.
But just imagine if there is a chance of getting even an inch closer to the happiness you felt at your workplace in your dreams, what wouldn’t you do to have it?

Well, you can if you follow these simple mantras:

The multiplier Effect

When you are happy and you know it clap your hands, do the conga, sing your lungs out or try counting the minutes of happiness you are left with.

The best way to always be happy in your workplace is to remember that you need to make the most of the happiness while it lasts. And the best way of doing is it by celebrating it with your colleagues.

Har Ek Friend,Har kahi zarrori hota hai

The truth is:Friends are like oxygen. You can’t function without them. You need friends, even where you work. They are the ones who’d laugh at you when you say something silly but would be the first ones who would shield you against every failure, every heartbreak and everything in between.

You don’t own a Time Machine

You have no luck with knowing what’s going to happen to your Big Idea which you conjured while one shower full of Eureka Moment, but you have every chance of making it bigger and better. So, go out there, charge at every problem like a raging bull. And don’t think about the result .Instead; make it your best effort.

The Cheese Theory

Follow the Cheese. The cheese in your life is always restless .If you don’t move with it,you would be left behind.Learn to look for your Cheese in life just like Sniff and Scurry did and while you’re having it, expect it run from you again.

Praise the Lord ….for creating you!

Yes, praise yourself while you are in the washroom, watching a movie or while looking at your reflection in the mirror. Praise yourself for every good thing you did, every kind word you spoke, every smile you caused and every success that you’re responsible for.

Just be mindful of praising yourself while in the company of others. It can result in people pulling their earphones while you are in the vicinity.

Well, there can never be enough ways to be happy. We’d be more than happy if you come up with a few more and share them with us.

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