Going Beyond ‘D’: Revolver, a Beatles themed Hotel & Restaurant

March 22, 2013 (2 comments)

Baby, you don’t need to be a rich man for your stay at ‘Revolver’ is what I told myself when I first heard about this B&B in Darjeeling. I have never been to the beautiful country-side in east, but “Revolver” named after the critically acclaimed album from Beatles gives me another good reason :)

Kudos to owners Vikash and Aslena for “Beatlizing” every bit of this B&B. Talk about the rooms and you’ve got John, Paul, George and Ringo named after the iconic “Fab Four”. The 5th one is named after their manager, Brian Epstein. While the rooms are not meant for luxury service, they are certainly cost-friendly and start at just Rs. 800 for one night stay. It’s interesting that you will get John, Paul and George rooms for Rs. 1200/- since they were the bigger Beatles.

The restaurant offers an eclectic mix of local and Naga culinary delights in an ambience that is essentially “The Beatles” – be it music, be it activities. If this ain’t enough, “The Rockband Nights” will take you a step closer to the Fab Four with its virtual experience. You can perform with the group in a virtual setting with a Sony Playstation 3 and choose to sing, strum or drum :)

So baby, put all your money in a small brown bag and head-out for a vacation in Darjeeling sometime soon!!

Going Beyond ‘D’ series, is an attempt to look all stuff beyond “Digital” and look through the lense of life :)

Sharma Ji

Sharma Ji

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  1. shalini on March 22, 2013 at 11:51 am

    nice Sharmaji!!

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