6 Sins a Brand Should Avoid on Facebook

November 1, 2012
No, this is not one of those lists which will tell you what to do on Facebook. Every brand is on Facebook and everyone knows how to market their product or service on Facebook, after all which brand can resist staying away from a social network where there are whopping 50 million Indian users!
On the contrary, this is a list which will tell you What NOT to do on Facebook.

1)Typos and Grammar Check – You have spent years making that perfect product, have laid out a comprehensive social media plan to market it. You got your posts lined up and are now ready to rock the social media world but wait a small punctuation or typo can be a disaster.


Your audience on the brand page is ruthless and very well read. Even a small typo or grammar can hamper the great social media plan you have laid out! It’s time to go back to the basics – punctuations, typos, spelling mistakes. Use Google if you are in doubt ( I do that – it’s better to be safe than sorry)

2) Ignoring Facebook Guidelines – Some brands (even some top brands on social media) are blatantly ignoring social media rules. Declaring winners on wall, running contests on the wall itself, misleading content, cover-photo with a call-to-action, misleading ads are just some of the sins a brand indulges in. It’s time to go through Facebook Guidelines for contests, ads or any promotions!

3) Say NO to over-engagement – No one likes a pushy sales-man who’s breathing down your neck. Imagine the same scenario in social media – users stumble upon so many posts in a day, it’s hard not to experience information overload. It’s time to give a thought to the classic saying ‘Less is good’. We have to generate quality content with limited characters ( research shows posts with 100-200 characters get 60% more engagement) and make 2-3 (maximum) posts  a day at strategic timings (do some hit and trial with post timing to find the best time for engagement) and that will do the trick.  Over-posting your content will only make you that pushy-sales man on Social Media.

4) Linking Social Media Channels – oh! So you have an “active’ twitter account with more than 1000 tweets. Phew, that’s impressive. But wait, isn’t it the same content you are posting on Facebook? Well it makes you account look like a ‘bot’. People are not on twitter to follow bots. They want to follow brands and thought leaders who give out quality information or engage in meaningful conversation. UNLINK your Facebook and Twitter now. Your content should be different than your content on Twitter, or else your fans don’t have a reason to follow you on both platforms.

5) Off-brand content - It’s time to get the social media objectives of the brand right. A brand without a social media objective is like that “ship without the rudder”,you won’t know the direction you will end up in. Generate content or contests which are in-sync with your social media objectives. It’s time to re-define the goals of your brand page and generate content accordingly.  I recently came across a famous card-gifting brand page which was trying to wish Happy Birthday to Two cricket Players who had never played competitive cricket for India and the call-to-action was to send Birthday greetings to your friend all in the same post.

6) Buying Fake Followers – So you are one of those brands which buy fake followers from sites like www.fiverr.com to boast of a “huge” social media following. Wake up! Tools like http://fakers.statuspeople.com/ are now available to analyze the location and authenticity of your followers. Anyways a South American guy who has agreed to be your follower for as less as $5 has nothing to do with your brand content.  Dear Brand, the fad of buying fake followers is over.

The issues highlighted here are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any more ‘Sins’ to share do let us know in the comments below .

Ps: This blogpost was originally a contribution for Afaqs Campus: http://campus.afaqs.com/blog-details/17_6_sins_you_should_avoid_on_Facebook_ and has been cross-posted on this blog. Hope you have a good read.  



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