If two wheels move the soul …

October 15, 2012

… we are one of them. When it comes to a passionate biker community, all one can think of is wheels, freedom and an unexplored road. We could not help but relate the feeling to that of our love for Iffort and the path chosen for its success.

Just one campaign with this amazing community and we began to realise we had something in common – Passion, for them it was in the form of bikes & road trips and for us it was in the form of driving this community to new digital heights !

One campaign led to another, the teams gelled easily and we already feel like one team working towards a common goal. Yes, we are now a digital partner for xBhp.com. :)


If two wheels move the soul, we are one of them


Here’s the news in xBhp.com style!!! We have been featured in their latest Edition of xBhp.com magazine, the Oct-Nov 2012 issue .  Show us some love for xBhp.com and follow their Facebook and Twitter pages because this is where the real action is!  ;)


Mittal Madam

Mittal Madam

Neha, HR at our startup is a curious girl and also doubles-up as our in-house artist. Likes to live in the moment and is a keen observer. A people's person and moody in her own weird way who also claims to be fashion freak. Can be easily identified with her giggles & grins in the office :D

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