From My Heart, From My Soul

October 13, 2012

I am young, I am passionate and I am a free soul.

I love waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside.

I love taking up challenges, I love asking questions.

I go by my instinct, not by what the world tells me.

I love to ride, coz I love speed and I feel the happiness when I leave everyone behind.

I know it is difficult for me to explain what it feels to be here.

but then… this is me & this is my life.

Sometimes all you need is that one source of inspiration to make it through. Sometimes all you need is love and everything else takes a backseat. For me that inspiration comes from my love, it’s #myluv4iffort :) With love, Sudhanshu!

#myluv4iffort is a new series featuring some of our rock-stars and their love :)

Sharma Ji

Sharma Ji

Half-marathon, Photography, Spirituality, Swimming, table tennis, cricket.. Social Media, Conversations.. Dire straits, Anushka Shankar.. Munich, Vanilla Sky. For the last 10 years has been making the New Year resolution of playing a guitar.

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