On Completing 1 Year with Iffort: Reflections & Thoughts

May 28, 2012 (one comment)

I was all fresh when i just left my Hostel life with my head full of nostalgic memories on 21st May 2011. I was also so tense as I had no job in hand and then things happened so sudden that i didn’t get the time to think about. Someone said truly :-

If your Bad Days are ON then don’t worry dude your Good Days are waiting for you.

My journey began on 25th of May 2011, when i joined IFFORT as a trainee. I still remember the first day when I appeared for the interview with nervousness in my eyes. I wasn’t sure what would happen but as luck would have it, I was given an offer to join the organization as an intern.

And then comes the day which every graduate waits for, the beginning of corporate life. It was 9:30 am when i reached at office and lots of things were rolling in my mind. With excitement and little nervousness, I was introduced to iffort family. It was pretty good. First month was like studying the SEO books and understanding the environment. I was a little frustrated as I was feeling why SEO? I thought I was going to be a development rockstar but out here I was doing something completely different.

I have heard from lots of my friends that study will not gonna end in your whole life so enjoy your life with work. As time passed i was learning new things and meeting with new people… Two months completed at iffort and it was in August when I did get the opportunity I was looking for. It was the chance to to work with development team and get my hands dirty with code. Learning PHP , creating FB apps was also big task for me.

Your enthusiasm towards your work doubles up when you get client appreciation and boss announces the party in office for your hard working. Some weekends started with parties and some with lots of work at office. There are times when you have to sit late night with Dinner, Biscuits, Coffee etc. for your company :)

Time has moved along at rapid pace and sometimes you even forget the day when it starts and it ends. This only comes when you get interest in your job and work from HEART.While traveling, eating, sleeping you think about work and its progress.On top of it before hitting the sack you don’t miss to check your mail once.

and when it’s your review, your boss asks you to discuss with a Glass of Beer. It feels great to be part of IFFORT family as it provides a judicious blend of work and fun.

Here’s hoping for many more rocking years at Iffort :)

Sudhanshu Bajaj

Sudhanshu Bajaj

About the Author: An Application Engineer in our team. He is fond of playing badminton, ping-pong but more than anything else is a die-hard beer lover :) and that's not all he is the first one who will kick on your ass (birthday bumps) on your birthday :)

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  1. Jindal Sahib
    Jindal Sahib on June 1, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    “and when it’s your review, your boss asks you to discuss with a Glass of Beer.” Let’s have lot more together :) Cheers!!!

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