New Website for L. Michael Schwartz, PA is now up :)

March 6, 2012

Your evening is made when the last email you receive before calling it a day at the office is as good as the one below :)

Thanks so much – Les and I are very pleased with your work and the work of everyone at iffort. In particular, we are so happy with your quick (and pleasant) responses from across the world. We will happily recommend your services to everyone we meet!

For the last few weeks we were working on a new website for one of our client L. Michael Schwartz who have a law office in Kansas City, US. They wanted to revamp their old looking website and come up with a fresh and inspiring design which portrays the real value of the firm and draws new visitors online.

and this.. was not all! Praise kept coming in :)

I took a quick look – and I think you all did a great job. I am very impressed! Just talked to Les, and he loves it!

You can check out the new website at Hope you like it as much as our client did!!


Jindal Sahib

Jindal Sahib

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