Friday Roundtables begin with a Blast!!!

August 12, 2011

Kabooom !!! That is what happens when 5 creative minds discuss innovative ideas.

The place blasted with truckloads of creativity and helped us gain insights on each other’s Ideas and Interests. The topics ranged from Mega structures to motion gaming to Developing applications on Titanium & Flex.

The session started with the Sergeant at Arms Tabrez calling all of us to assemble in the conference room and his reiteration of the agenda and guidelines for this exquisite session.

Daksh started the session with a off-beat topic on innovative road structures ‘Oresund Bridge’ situated
between Swedish city of Malmö and the Danish capital of Copenhagen. It was amazing to know that the 16km land link
required a manmade island of a length of 4kms and all of it was done within a strict time period of 5 years. This made me remember if something like this was possible in India too.

Friday roundtable oresund_bridge

View more presentations from Iffort.

I followed with a presentation on Motion Gaming mainly on Kinect and its various applications, the session I shed some light on the exciting new applications of Motion gaming. The Kinect holds the Guinness World Record of being the “fastest selling consumer electronics device” after selling a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days.

Take a look here:

Vinay presented a short talk on the yet to be released Facebook messenger which the team engaged and enjoyed by discussing what its possible implications might be, some labeled it as a BBM clone some as a killer app. This left the house split :) and excited on what Facebook messenger has to offer.

The last session was by Sunny who gave some valuable insights on how Flash Builder 4.0 helps target multiple devices and platforms with a rich UI, something which is such a pain for every mobile/desktop application. The fact that the development time for mobile applications is decreased tenfold was remarkable to know. For more info on Adobe Flash Builder check here or wait for our upcoming blogs as something’s cooking in our lab.

Whats Friday Roundtable?

  1. All of us meet at 4:30 pm, every Friday.
  2. Each one of us discusses “1″ idea, or an innovative act or something new that he has seen in the week.
  3. It could be a video, an innovative facebook application or a technical development or something
    absolutely fantastic that you’ve read about.
  4. Each one of us have “5″ minutes to talk about it .
  5. So basically, what we have is a healthy discussion of about “30″ minutes where we do extensive
    knowledge sharing from what we SEE/HEAR and READ.

Whats the need for such an activity?

The answer is simple it helps us to enhance our creativity & increase our analytical skills, and gives us some interesting ways to think about problem solving. The bottomline is that apart from reading, watching and hearing one critical method to enhance knowledge is by holding regular discussions.

Bipasha Ji

Bipasha Ji

A creative chatter box, who is a graphic designer in our team. A keen observer, who can also be strict? err. kidding :) Reads & writes about colors & brands. For latest on Big Boss she is the one to talk to!!

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