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July 7, 2011

It takes two to tango :)  Little did Al Hoffman & Dick Manning know that almost 60 years later two sisters would theme & happily live their life around this beautiful song.

Two Sisters? Yes, we assume that Technology & Social Media represent the fairer sex may be because our work-place is dominated by males :) We believe that when GOD brought these two to earth, they had to work in tandem & complement each other. In some sense one can even say that Technology empowers social media or vice-versa!!

Moving on, irrespective of the disicpline you represent, here is one story which you would certainly like & enjoy because it beautifully portrays the Amalgamation of these two domains!!

Flashback to April 2011, where a challenging new opportunity knocked on our door & asked us questions about our endurance & ability to deliver under severly tough conditions. We know that our last statement gives you a feel of an adventure sport rather than something in the web-tech/social world.  However, we must honestly admit that is the feeling that had come to our mind, when we were sitting in this crazy workplace cogitating with the xBhp team to build a cohesive platform for discovering & choosing the best “BIKER” in the Country.

Move onto 7th July 2011 where at the time of writing this post, we have lost track of the number of WOWs we have heard from our clients, prospective clients & acquaintances  after they have logged on to

So what is ‘Biker of the Year’?

‘Biker of the Year’ is a movement to put men before the machines, to acknowledge and reward the contribution of the biker towards the betterment of the biking society in India, rather than the motorcycle. It aims to identity the motorcyclists within country belonging to different sections of biking, be it touring, racing, or stunting, and bring them together on a platform from where their work and contribution to the field of motorcycling is visible to the rest of the world.


What is our contribution to this system?

In a crisp summary, the whole platform has been developed by us with xBhp team pioneering the system design. While the functionality of the system is quite broad, let us look at the touch-points of social integration.

The Login Screen

This is the login section! As shown in the screen below, a user can login using his Facebook account or create a new profile assuming he is not present on Facebook.

Dual Login - You can use FB or create an account

Dual Login - You can use FB or create an account

Media Integration

Any contest entry will remain in-complete without the integration of images + video. To enable a smooth process of embedding video and flickr image gallery, we thought of making it super-easy for the bikers during the application step. So the only thing that a biker has to do is give the URL of the Youtube profile or the flickr gallery and boom!! His entire video/image collection is embedded as a thumbnail strip.

Playing YouTube video from the strip

Profile Sharing

Once a biker’s profile is approved by the administration team, he can login to his dashboard and use the social media profile sharing options to share his profile on Facebook. Another simple feature is that apart from doing the normal share on his FB profile  he can also share it on the xBhp fan-page.


This is how it appears when a profile is shared on the xBhp fan page:

Share Profile on the xBhp Fan Page

Share Profile on the xBhp Fan Page

Create Your Avatar – FB Application

The core system is supported by applications & activities which enhance a participating biker’s experience and also keep him engaged during the contest.

One such critical piece is the ‘Create your Avatar’ Facebook application which shortens your road to the application submission. By using this FB app, you can directly move to step 3 of the application process, thereby over-riding the Step 1 & Step 2 which include creating a username & mail verification.

Create your Avatar - Facebook Application

Create your Avatar - Facebook Application

Community Engagement through Contests

Using the Facebook tab, contests aimed at increasing user’s awareness about the game have been organized.

Facebook Tab Contest - BOTY is the King

Facebook Tab Contest - BOTY is the King

Community Engagement through Posts

Tips aimed at advising the participants about making their applications better have been created.

How to submit application?

Step 4 - How to submit application?

Small fun-games on the wall like complete the line generated a huge response from bikers all over!

It is time to end rule of the machines

It is time to end rule of the machines because __

Before winding up this post, here is a quick info for you all. Biker of the Year 2011 contest has reached the completion of its 1st stage i.e. creation of profile. Without doubt, the real battle would start now with the voting process where everyone is going to vote for his/her favorite profile.

So whether you’re a biking enthusiast or someone who is interested in exploring new system is something that you must definitely check out.



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