Facebook vs Google+ One-on-One

July 8, 2011

After the release of Facebook Chat which is an integration of Skype in Facebook the real one-on-one battle between the two web giants has now begun. Few days back Google has released Google+, a social network with almost same features as that of Facebook.

Google+ was released with a group video calling feature called Hangout (the only feature which broadly distinguishes the two social platforms :P ) where maximum 10 friends can have a hangout (group video chat) and they can also enjoy watching a common YouTube video together(but does it really make sense ? )

In reply to the Hangout feature of Google+, on 6th July 2011 Facebook has released a video chat option in their regular text chat box through which we can make a video call to our Facebook friends. To enable the chat you have to download a file from http://facebook.com/videocalling. This feature is currently available for windows only. This is much lighter and simpler than Google+ Hangout.

So we will give it a thumbs-up (i.e LIKE  the official trademark of Facebook :D ).

Let’s have a look how it works in this tutorial video :-

Step 1: Visit http://facebook.com/videocalling and click “Get started”.

Step 2: Download and install the .exe file for the video chat and bingo you are ready!!!. This is it, now Ping your friends so that they can talk to you :)

As Microsoft has acquired Skype so obviously this feature is currently available only for Windows operating system while Mac and Linux users still have to wait. When we were testing it in our office we found it much lighter than the desktop version of Skype. Hangout is bit difficult to adopt as its comparatively heavy with tired user interface but on the other hand the simple integration
of video chat on Facebook will take it far ahead of Google+. One thing is for sure this cold war will surely help users to have a low cut-end product in the future.


Now its Twitter’s turn :)  Do you expect a similar move on these lines from Twitter where the users will be able to broadcast  live video to their followers ?



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