“Two roads diverged into the woods and I took the one I felt was right …”

July 18, 2011

Exactly one month back I was over with my so called Engineering exams :P Lots of questions were coming to my mind like my any other peer : What to do now ? Which field should I select? Work for a renowned IT company or a startup? and blah blah…( I am expecting all those who are reading this are quite familiar to this state of mind ;) ) but after a long introspection I was ready with the answer to my own question : I am going to work for a startup and it was final!!!!!

I started searching companies which would suit me the best. While Googling I came to know about two interesting sister organizations Iffort and Itemperance and I applied there for the latest opening.

Thankfully I got a call for the interview scheduled on 13th June 2011. I went to the company , the first feeling that just came out of my heart was WOW !!! this is exactly the place which I was looking for, where you are boss of your own, where you have freedom to express your ideas, where people work in a team and most importantly where you not work like a programmed robot.

Finally after an interesting interview session (I will definitely call it the same as I was never feeling that I am giving an interview, unlike other places where you feel as a knife is hanging over your head :P ) I was selected.

Since I am a trainee, I am getting grip in-terms of the overall workload. Our work life is also about enjoying music, drinking coffee, play cricket and you can even go for an outing with the team. Now you would be thinking about our work? Off course we’re doing it and I have got one single goal during my training period: “Learn as much as I can everyday”.  We believe on Jim Collins’ startup quotation from his famous book “Good to Great“.

“Good is the enemy of Great”

Some glimpses of our working culture

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TweetingThis blog is written by Vinay G Singh Rawat on the completion of one month at Iffort Consulting. For more action catch him at his twitter account vinayVGSR.



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