Discover the True Meaning of Your Job

January 15, 2011 (one comment)


Discovery- the ongoing process within human mind. Our mind continuously discovers the new meaning of happenings around us. What do you think while you do your job? Have you discovered anything while doing your job? Are you doing it with your full concentration or just passing your time in the organization waiting every time for 1st week of the month when salary arrives. Or just waiting for 6:00 pm everyday to head back home  :)


There are two types of people who work in an organization, first are those who only work for money. They come, tasks are assigned to them (they don’t assign tasks themselves) and they complete it, sometimes with joy and sometimes forcefully. These are the people whose month starts with the salary day. For them an organization is a place where they will get money if they do work.

Second are those who love their work. They enjoy whatever they do. They assign tasks themselves and set the time line to achieve it. They take every new task as a key to learning. Salary is only a media for them for physical existence. In core, they are devoted towards work. These are the people for whom the proverb “Work is Worship” is made.

Discover Yourself:

Which type of person are you? First type or second type? If you belong to first category, please change your space and move towards where you feel like work is not a burden on your shoulders. This way, you will not feel bored or tired when you come to home after office hours. Life is not only about earning money. You can earn money by hundreds of thousands of ways but a true satisfaction, you can only get it from one way. Discover what you love and don’t do it to finish, always do it to discover new things out of it and keep it going throughout your life.

True Meaning:

What it means when you work for an organization? A couple of answers you can give. It could be for money, for secure future, just you were getting bored at home so thought to find a job, you love to do your job and so on. Apart from these first-look reasons, people work to create an environment, to develop a path on which others can walk, to give next generation a better future, nurturing a  social hub where all can live & work regardless of their religion, color, language and material statistics.

Enjoy your job and you’ll discover the true meaning of your life :)



This thought provoking piece was written by Sunil Singh. A social media freak oops a geek :)   If you are interested to hear his rants, you can follow him on twitter at su22nil.

Pahari Thakur

Pahari Thakur

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One Response to Discover the True Meaning of Your Job

  1. Archana on January 18, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Well I think there should be a proper plan for everyday work when we sit on our office seat in the beginning of the day.

    If we really enjoying our work, we need not to think about the useless things and can work with concentration.All depends upon our thinking.Yeah Sometimes doing same thing repeatedly can force us feeling like bored but we can make make it creative to some extent by doing in another way.

    For me true satisfaction comes from getting engaged with new ideas and challenging work.Being active in forums of your domain and searching for new updates help to get updated …

    So Enjoy your work. :)

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