Behind the Scenes: Making of a Fun Filled Saturday

January 24, 2011 (one comment)

So then, this one is for all those who think that Saturdays at workplace can be really boring!! We bet, you would take your words back after reading this post….

Last Saturday, i.e. on 22nd January 2011, we had a fun-filled photo-shoot at our office. I had requested friend, well-wisher and amateur photographer Mita Majumdar to drive the proceedings for the day. We had planned for the day well in advance and we’re supposed to reach the office at 10 o’clock as a part of the plan.

An evening before the D-Day, amidst a comedy of discussions it was decided that we were going to have the indoor lights for the photo-shoot. As planned, they had to be collected from Kotla Mubarakpur in New Delhi. I woke up a little earlier than usual to get those lights, which were accompanied by the lights man. While driving towards the office, the guy told me about his job and the kind of experiences he had gone through. I was surprised and also happy when he told me that their lights were being used in prominent in documentaries, movies and ad-films.

We were the first ones to check into the office at around 9:59 a.m. and were soon followed by S and rest in the pack. In the meantime, we had already started preparations for the indoor shoot and the key challenge for us to set-up the shoot background. M had got a white sheet or more appropriately a white bed-sheet (that’s what I think it was). It was quite a demanding task for us to put that as the background since our conference room walls didn’t offer any support. This is where, the L-man, came to our rescue and ensured things moved forward in the right direction!! Simultaneously, our DJ for the day, S had already started playing the music and we’re all ready for the shoot.

Phase 1

The theme of the phase 1 was expressions and conversations. There were individual captures and team captures and here is how it happened:

Our first star volunteer of the day was Amit. Or let me put it this way, he was forced to become one :) Amit was a shade nervous to begin with as he was not sure what was in store. But gradually as the day progressed, he came to his elements.

Our First Star Amit with L-man

Our First Star Amit (right) with the L-man (left)

In the meantime, the rest in the crowd were looking with anxiety :) Perhaps, were they keen to get a glimpse of the proceedings inside or probably were waiting for their turn.

The Curious Crowd

The Curious Crowd

Then we had a scenario, where folks had to re-create the scene of Boss Bashing. Nitesh was the boss and poor Shrey was the team-member reporting to him :)

Boss Beating

Boss Beating

That’s the crowd once again :)


Then we had Sunil who juggled around with Goggles in Rajni style…

Sunil all set for his turn!!

Sunil all set for his turn!!

Phase II

The phase 2 of the photoshoot was conducted in an outdoor location. A lush green park, somewhere around the vicinity of Noida, Sector-50.

Like we said, Amit was in his own elements and was trying out a few stunts by this time :)


Stuntman Amit

Not sure.. what is happening around here, but looks interesting for sure!!


Not sure.. what is happening around here, but looks interesting for sure!!

Lastly, here is our PIC (Photographer – In – Chief) : M


On a closing note, Team Iffort and Team Itemperance sincerely thanks “M” for making our Saturday, a memorable one!!

NOTE: This post is written by Daksh Sharma. To know more about his rants, please read his blog for follow him on twitter at indianterrain.



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  1. zipline tours on January 29, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Very nice, seems you guys enjoyed a lot. Wish all organizations support such structure and also provide enjoyment means to their employees, apart from general activities.

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