Social Media and Customer Support

December 4, 2010 (2 comments)
Social Media Customer Support

Social Media Customer Support

Social Media and customer support, at first glance looks like a weird thing. Soon going to the depth, we find that it is possible and more effective than traditional customer service. The world is going social, so your friends, your business, your employees and also your consumers. Your product is no more isolated from Social Media. The people who are consuming your product are the same who are present on social media channels chirping all the time. Who knows, who is gonna make a word of mouth for your product in future or who is gonna drop it down to the dark.

Some points on why Social Media Customer Support is better than Traditional Support:

Your Customers Feel Social:

Your customers are not only to sell product but they are also part of a society where things like technology, web, people and product are interconnected. If your company has a presence in social media or you are providing product support via social channels, the probability of customer-attachment is much higher. And of-course, you are a part of their social-world.

Boon for Startups:

You are in the process of initializing a business. You have made a good product and people are using it. But no product is perfect in the world. Issues come as your customers use it and at that time they need support. Traditional support system is ok but as a startup when every single penny matters, why to go for expensive solutions when you have better in less money.

Your Support is visible to others:

In support-system like phone or email, the solution is not visible to others so every time support executive has to repeat it. On the other hand, here in social media, your support is visible to others. You gave a solution, others would see it. If they face the same problem in future, they already know about solution. Or if they are not your customers, possibility is that a good solution can bring more customers to you.

Branding Through Support:

A pretty interesting aspect of social media and you will love it if you consider the value of branding. Giving support is not only your consumer’s need but also it leaves good effect on others. For good support system, people soon start recognizing your company as a place where they can find right solution and your product as the best of all your other competitors’ product. So, give better support and brand your company on top.

Pahari Thakur

Pahari Thakur

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