7 Behavioral Aspects of Social Media Marketing

September 6, 2010

What's cooking up on behavior?

We are noticing the presence of Social Media everywhere. Starting from independent consultants to big companies, all are moving towards Social Media to leverage whatever they can get out of it. Social Media Marketing is emerging as a great tool for those who have less budget for traditional marketing options. Everyone wants to make it big by walking on this platform. The world is dominated over by Social Media Marketing evangelists and Gurus. Categorizing based on what we are doing and how we are doing, is a bit difficult as people are running, not seeing where they are going or how they are behaving in this social world. Sometimes, marketing is converted into spamming, thus making this social world irritating rather than creating awareness or nicely populating your brand or product.

What should be the behavior of a Marketer or the person who is dealing with Social Media Optimization process? Everybody is wandering here & there not knowing what is the proper way of doing it. Here are some of my thoughts that I think can create a good environment while dealing with Social Media Marketing in this social world:

1. Do Not Repeat Your Words:

In this quick-reflecting world, repeating means spamming. Do not say it twice or thrice for the sake of selling. People feel irritated when they see duplicate content again and again. So avoid it to make them feel good.

2. Do Not Sell, Create Awareness:

In Social Media, you can’t compel anybody to buy your product. If you pitch them to buy your product, that is considered as you are not a part of socialism. In place of directly pitching them to buy your product, try to  create awareness by simply putting qualities or benefits before your audience.

3. Listen More, Say Qualitative:

Listen to what people are saying, what they are talking about and what interests they have? Always throwing your thoughts or product updates usually not works. Based on what you listen from others, say qualitative words that should have the power of attract people towards you.

4. Focus towards Engagement:

We are human beings and we need engagement. You can assume it like food for your mind. If you are not engaging in any interesting activity, you feel boring. So, try to increase engagement of users around you. Rather than posting regular marketing stuff, let them engage with your creative and social acts or thoughts.

5. Let People Know Your Real Identity:

It is an open world. The more you express yourself truly, the more you will get good attention from others. People always want to see the real face behind an act. You are doing various activities on Social Media and people don’t know who you are or what is your identity; probability is that they will not believe on you work as they can consider it like spam. Always reveal your real identity before your audience.

6. Create, Do Experiments But Don’t Copy:

In this ever changing world when at any moment rules are changed; you should not assume the idea that is working for others will  work for you. Create your own way of doing it, make experiments but do not copy anybody’s work. People like innovators, creator and thought-makers.

7. Change Your Targets into Your Community:

A target is always a target. We don’t make relationships with the target usually. We don’t make long term association with a target. A target finishes once it is completed. For long term growth, it is very necessary to make stable relations with your audience. Instead of thinking them like a target, think like they are part of your community. Make a community of users who like you, your brand or your product. Attach to them with your emotions. They should feel, you are not betraying them; you are with them always.

Pahari Thakur

Pahari Thakur

Avid dreamer and FOSS lover, admires soulful-music, designs, food and conversations. Budding photographer, writes about social media, manages online communities and an amateur guitarist. In his free time, he likes to check random pics on Facebook profiles.

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