Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study

March 8, 2010 (one comment)

We recently did a study to understand how the businesses in India are using twitter. For this study we profiled 66 companies from ’9′ verticals and analysed them on different quantitative & qualitative parameters like no. of tweets, tweet type, conversation type.

Aaron from Money life has written an interesting news-piece featuring this study.

Quotes from the Money Life article

Iffort’s report states that usage of Twitter will penetrate more organisations, and more firms and customers will start using this social networking tool.Conversations between users and brands which are managed by humans with an emotional quotient will continue to boost Indian marketing efforts.

In addition, Sriram Vadlamani has talked about it on the Asian Correspondent site

Quotes from the Asian Correspondent Story

Many companies are using Twitter actively and many users are on Twitter but not much activity. Iffort Consulting, a NCR based social media consulting firm has researched the Twitter usage by companies in India.

Here is a full copy of the brief study!

View more documents from Iffort.

Feel free to download and distribute it in your network. We would be happy to hear your thoughts about the same as it would help us with future releases. If you would like to out reach out to us on twitter, our handle is iffort. You can also drop a note at

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