Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison)

March 3, 2010

With over 40,000 tweets per minute and new-user registration growth rate of 1500%, you would expect Twitter to give a close fight to the social networking giant Facebook.

I was just  testing uberVU, a paid social media analytics service for doing a comparison between Twitter & Facebook and the results that it shows are quite interesting to say the least. uberVU displays results as the number of reactions across different platforms where reactions mean the number of ‘comments’ or ‘shares’ about a particular topic.

Overall there are about 477k reactions for Facebook on all platforms wheras twitter has 541k reactions in total.

Distribution Platform :: Twitter

On  Twitter, there are about 366k (47.5% ) reactions for Facebook  which means that Twitter leads on its home-ground with 403k (52.5%) reactions.

A couple of inputs from this statistic:

  1. A large part of social comments or shares about ‘Facebook’ happen on twitter itself as the number is around 77%. (366k reactions out of a total of 477k reactions).
  2. Although Twitter wins, the results are fairly close indicating the open nature of conversations that are taking place on Twitter platform.

Distribution Platform :: Facebook

Facebook dominates on its own platform with about 72k (92.6%) reactions. However, in terms of the quantity this is no where near the number of reactions on Twitter. Reasons could be many e.g. ‘Facebook’ being a closed platform the community considers it as a friend focussed channel.

The only other place where Facebook scores over Twitter is on the Disqus platform but there also it is a close fight b/w the two. On other platforms like Youtube, Friendfeed and WordPress ‘Twitter’ dominates.

Mashable Community’s Opinion

Obviously the number of reactions cannot be directly translated to the likelihood of a user joining either of the two networks. However, the numbers in these graphs are in contrast to a user-poll conducted by Mashable about 4 months ago.

In that poll there were 5000 + votes with the community voting in favor of Facebook.

Pickfu’s Take

You might be aware of Pickfu.com, a site where you can do cheap and instant market research surveys. Equally interesting is the result of a similar survey conducted on Pickfu.com. ’43′ respondents have voted in favor of  Facebook !

Although it is a paid survey, you might be interested to read some of the comments by the survey takers.

From someone who likes Facebook

I hate Twitter, I think people on it think they are too self important. No one cares what you are doing at all times.

From a Twitter lover

I think twitter is less pretentious and more user friendly

Your Thoughts?

What is your take on this debate between Facebook and Twitter. Do you actually think there is a real fight between the two? Which one would your prefer? Do you think features and functionality of one of these supercedes the other?

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