What is ‘Iffort’?

November 19, 2009
Pronunciation: \ˈi-ff-ort-\  (i of ‘India’  ffort of ‘Effort’)

Figuring out a name for your startup baby is always a challenging exercise. While choosing the name for our business, we’re looking at the following:

  • It should be easy to short, easy to spell & pronounce
  • It should reflect the organization’s work in some-sense
  • Lastly, it should reflect your organization’s spirit (young, energetic)

Debates followed, discussions emerged, telcos happened and finally after a lot of disagreements/agreements, connotation/impact we zeroed down on the name ‘Iffort’.

What does ‘Iffort’ mean?

The word Iffort is reminiscent of Effort for pronunciation.  The prefix ‘i’ is a double-edged sword reflecting ‘Internet‘ & ‘Innovation’.  Derivative meaning: Iffort reflects an innovative effort in the space of Internet.

In the dictionary books, there is no word with the name ‘Iffort’.

Tell us what do you think about it?

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