Social Media in India: Cost’ View

November 26, 2009 (3 comments)

With so much of consumption that you do on a daily basis, you might have heard and read about social media being free. Understandably, you have got valid reasons to treat social media as a zero cost entity. After all, you don’t need to pay a rupee to sign-up on new media tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.

From a business’ view it is always necessary to understand the cost/budgetary implications of Social media. Here is how we break it up:

What is Free?

For majority of instances the basic costs of using the interaction channels is free.

  1. Sign-up cost on ‘Communication channels’ (Video – YouTube, Microblog – Twitter Blog – WordPress etc.)
  2. Pushing content on them (Uploading videos etc.)
  3. Engaging in real-time conversations

What isn’t Free?

  1. People – You need resources to execute a campaign. They have the skills, they have the experience and you need to pay them the salaries
  2. Time – Investment in terms of time & like people, time attributes to business cost. Every tweet that you do, every Facebook message that you write in company hours & using company’s infrastructure contributes to the business-cost.
  3. Training costs – Using an open-source conferencing solution to talk to your prospects might be free, but your employees need to be trained to use the tool which has a cost factor.
  4. Custom costs - Anything beyond the ‘basic’ requirements isn’t free and customization to satisfy specific needs requires funds.
  5. Others – The examples that we have are money ranging from writing a blog-post which requires (research skills/time, content planning & community engaging) to shooting a 5 minute video on youtube where you need to pre-plan, do editing and spend hours before getting stripping it down to a ’5′ minute clip.

They say that the best things in life do not come for free and this translates very well to social media usage for business purposes.


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